Roman / Viking / Trojan Swords

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Cold Steel 88VS Viking Sword

Price: 251.99

Features a double edge blade - hand forged out of high carbon steel and then polished to a brilliant lustre. The wooden handle is covered in leather and is supported by a simple - elegant guard and an equally handsom 5 lobed pommel. Both guard and p...Read More

Julius Ceaser: Gold

Price: 191.99

Julius Caesar sword with gold hilt. Blade is 22.75", overall 30.25"Our replicas combine traditional patterns and construc ......Read More

Trojan Sword of Destiny

Price: 179.99

BATTLE READY The Trojans... a line of proud people and fearless warriors whose destiny was to fight bravely against insurmountable odds. This functional Trojan styled sword features a sharpened - hand forged - carbon steel blade and wood handle wit...Read More

Julius Ceaser

Price: 179.99

Julius Caesaer sword, bronze hilt, blade: 22-3/4", overall: 30-1/4"An Art Gladius Sword made in Spain ......Read More

Greek Hoplite Sword

Price: 149.99

Features an unsharpened carbon steel leaf shape blade with brass hilt and wood grip. Includes a heavy duty brown leather scabbard. Overall Length: 30'' Blade: 24''...Read More

Authentic Hand Forged Roman Sword

Price: 119.99

HAND FORGED ROMAN SOLDIER SWORD This Hand Forged sword looks real as if it were in a real battle from the Roman empire. It was built by hand to give it the authentic look like these Roman Swords of old. The hand forged sword has the look of imperfect...Read More

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