Gun Sword Combo

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German flintlock pistol axe, late 17th century, 21-5/8" long

Price: 63.99

This unique attempt by craftsmen in 17th century Germany to combine the strength of gunfire with a battle axe is captured her ......Read More

Gunblade Sword from Final Fantasy

Price: 59.95

''Gun-Blade'' Squall Lionheart's weapon comes with a custom sheath and metal capped wood handle. Gun Blade measures an overall length of 37 inches - guard/blade height is 4 1/2 inches wide and blade length is approximately 27 inches. This is not a b...Read More

French Flintlock Hunting Sword

Price: 56.99

French flintlock pistol and hunting sword sword, ca. 1850-75, 25- inches long.This gun replica is made by Spanish crafts ......Read More

French Cutlass Pistol

Price: 54.99

The mid- to late 17th century was the heyday of the pirate trade, and pitched battles at sea between ......Read More

English Flintlock Pistol Dagger Replica

Price: 29.99

The flintlock pistol was notoriously slow to reload - a severe limitation in close encounters of the dangerous kind! Many sol ......Read More

Sword and Flintlock Pistol Combination Replica

Price: 24.99

This ominous-looking French sword and flintlock combination nake a great gift for the weapons collector. French flintlock pis ......Read More

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