Old West / Civil War Era Guns

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8mm Blank Firing M1894 Lever Action Western Rifle

Price: 229.99

Blank Firing Lever Action Western Rifle Deluxe 1894 model ......Read More

Frontier 9mm Blank Revolver - Nickel Finish

Price: 139.99

Nickel Finish Length: 11 inches, Weight: 2.2 lbs. he cyclinder is free spinning on this six shot single action model....Read More

Deluxe M1873 Blank Firing Western Revolver

Price: 129.99

9mm Length: 10.5", Weight: 2 lbs Authentic, percussion single action blued metal model with over 25 parts....Read More

1860 Enfield Civil War Musketoon Replica Rifle

Price: 127.79

1860 Enfield Civil War Musketoon Replica Rifle Length: 40 inches, Weight: 5 lbs. Its percussion lock is stamped London Armour ......Read More

Sharps Carbine

Price: 126.99

Featured here is our Sharps carbine rifle replica, model 1859. Used in the Civil War and by Cavalry troops during the Indian ......Read More

1892 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle Replica

Price: 121.99

The 1892 Winchester rifle, descendant of the Henry and 1866 Yellow Boy rifles,was made from 1892 unt ......Read More

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