Modern Fireams Replicas

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Czechoslovakian CZ75

Price: 149.99

Famous European Automatic now available as an 8 mm blank stage prop. Features includ: deluxe blued finish, removable clip (8 shot capacity), & working slide action....Read More

Semi Automatic Nickle Blank Firing Gun

Price: 129.99

The M85 is a medium-framed automatic pistol currently in used by many of the worlds government agencies where small size and ......Read More

M85 Military Automatic Blank Firing Pistol

Price: 119.99

This semi-automatic is a classic military/detective model. Fires both single & double action....Read More

Replica .45 Caliber - Nickel Finish

Price: 109.99

A variation of the world famous Colt 45 Government. Our authentic, full sized, fully operative, blank firing reproduction weighs and feels like the original....Read More

F 92 Blank Gun Silver/Gold Blank Firing Gun 9mm

Price: 109.99

This beautifully manufactured replica is a model of a Compact Model 92F. This is a silver and gold finish model with simulated wooden grips....Read More

8mm Blank Semi-Auto M92SB-F - nickel version

Price: 109.99

Precision metal construction. This military classic fires single & double action. Release the clip, load 16 8mm blanks, reload the clip, pull back the slide and fire....Read More

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