Fantasy / Movie Swords

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The Sword of Achilles

Price: 289.99

Throughout time - men have waged war. Some for power - some for glory - some for honor - and some for love. From the epic motion picture - Troy? - The Noble Collection brings a recreation of the Sword of Achilles. Crafted to exact detail - the...Read More

Kingdom Of Heaven: Sword of Tiberias

Price: 249.95

This officially licensed movie replica features a octagonal steel pommel and guard make this a well-balanced and fast hand-and-a-half sword that is complimented by the hemp wrapped grip with decorative brass ring. Well-tempered high carbon steel blad...Read More

Kingdom Of Heaven: Sword of Ibelin

Price: 249.95

The amazing sword of Godfrey (Liam Neeson) that is passed down to Balian (Orlando Bloom) for their Holy quest. Hand forged high carbon steel blade - with pommel and crossguard plated in a rich sterling silver. The most unique aspect of this piece - ...Read More

Terminator Skull Sword....55 Inches Long

Price: 239.99

First - just note the physical size of this sword: 55 inches long - 2 1/2 inches wide at the base of the blade - 19 inches from pommel to hilt - 13 inches diameter around skull - and a 36 inch double-edged blade This sword weighs more than 12 po...Read More

Starfighter: Starfighter sword silver and gold

Price: 228.99

The appearance and blade of this medieval sword could almost make you believe it came from a galaxy far, far away. And to all ......Read More

Medieval Lord of the Rings sword

Price: 199.99

The Lord of the Rings is a solid two-handed broadsword with a massive ring pommel and overtones of fantasy. The macassar ebon ......Read More

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