Chinese Style Swords

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Yanling Sword

Price: 1,349.00

Deriving its name from the goose-feather shaped blade, the Yanling Sword was originally developed in ......Read More

The Han Sword

Price: 1,259.99

The Han Sword is a cavalry pattern from the Han Dynasty (206 BC -- 220 AD), which reunited China and ......Read More

The Ming Sword

Price: 1,067.99

The pattern of the Ming Sword dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD -- 1644 AD), which ruled China fo ......Read More

Tsuba Display Box Complete

Price: 945.99

Each piece is individually packaged in a wooden collector box. The Tsuba Display will hold a complete thirty piece collection ......Read More

The Ching Dynasty Sword

Price: 919.99

The traditional perception of the form of the Tai Chi sword becomes very apparent in the Ching Sword ......Read More

Damascus Tai Chi Sword

Price: 383.99

Crafted by Hanwei to a completely different standard of quality than most pieces currently available ......Read More

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