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Medieval Battle Helmet

Price: 119.99

Medieval Battle Helmet- Heavy Duty One Piece Helmet Heavy Duty Gauge Steel Authentic looking Medieval battle helmet Fully wearable - this is a substantial all-steel Helmet. Not a cheap tourist copy but a faithful museum quality Helmet. It is a full ...Read More

Roman Gladiator Helm

Price: 119.99

This unique piece has a simple yet effective design providing excellent protection to its wearer. The steel helm has a sleek faceguard which protects the brow - nose - and cheekbone areas - and still provides clear vision. Twin ''mandibulars'' each...Read More

Medieval Christian Chain Mail Helmet

Price: 119.97

This display helmet is permanently mounted to a steel free standing stand. The helmet and stand are black and the cross on the front is sheet metal brass. The helmet is wrapped with an actual chain screen. The helmet cap is 10 inches in diameter and ...Read More

Norman Helmet

Price: 113.99

Norman Helmet -Circa 1050-1100 The Normans not only conquered England and Sicily - they fought all through the Mediterranean lands and in the Crusades. This conical helmet has been called ''Norman'' because it was popular with them and also well-ill...Read More

Viking Helmet

Price: 108.00

16 to 18 Gague Steel wearable...Read More

Great Sugar Loaf Helmet

Price: 99.99

This medieval helmet was used from about 1275-1300 A.D.This is an authentic reproduction of the Sugarloaf Great Helm....Read More

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