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Engraved Medieval Breast Plate - Steel Armor

Price: 149.99

This not a cheap tourist copy but a faithful museum quality Armor piece. It is a full size reproduction in a bright steel finish. A fabulous display item! 16.8'' X 14.4''...Read More

Tournament Battle Helm

Price: 149.99

This exquisite full-size helm follows the style of the armet - a helm generally used during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This piece has a full visor hinged at each cheek which can easily be raised or lowered. The visor has many ''Breathe''...Read More

Barred Combat Helmet

Price: 149.99

This distinctive helmet consists of steel plates fastened with golden studs. It features a unique crossbar faceguard with a steel noseguard - which provides excellent protection without sacrificing vision. A large decorative golden stud protruding f...Read More

Vindicator Great Helm

Price: 149.99

This impressive battle-ready piece has decorative golden studs worked in a double-cross design on the face visor - as well as along the nape of the helm. Crafted in steel - this great helm is fashioned like a Sugarloaf Helm - due to its conical sk...Read More

Breastplate - Ribbed Finish

Price: 139.99

This breastplate is typical of average armor, owing to the fact that knights and soldiers would often wear haraldric tunics o ......Read More

Roman Infantry Helmet

Price: 137.99

This trusted helmet was used by Roman infanty for protection. The helm features twin ''mandibulars'' which protect the face and can be pulled up to easily put on or remove the helm. The helm has a small decorative visor and several decorative golden ...Read More

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