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14th Century Helm

Price: 179.99

The 14th century Helm features a full Camail and an adjustable nasal....Read More

Medieval Knights Battle Helm - Full Size w/Stand

Price: 179.99

European Knights 16th Century Armet Style Helmet This helmet became popular throughout Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. Hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel - this piece can be worn or used as decoration. Soft & Padded leather lining is on the...Read More

European Barbute Helmet

Price: 179.99

European Barbute Helm This helmet is a reproduction of a 14th Century Barbute Helm. It is full size and wearable and forged from 18 guage steel. This helmet provided clear visibility but also protection for the neck. Both are crucial necessities for ...Read More

Decorative Gauntlet

Price: 171.99

These decorative, functional gauntlets are decked out with gold-toned wrist guards emblazoned with lions. The lion was a symb ......Read More

Roman Imperial Gallic Legionnaires Helmet

Price: 169.99

Roman Imperial Gallic Legionnaires Helmet This fine example of a mid-1st century Roman Legionnaires helm boasts the same c ......Read More

Etched Finish Decorative Gauntlet

Price: 154.99

Armour was extraordinarily expensive for nobles, who were glad to have a personally designed suit of armour. However, knights ......Read More

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